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A Map of the Soul chapter 3

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Spoilers: post The End of Time, non-canon

Ratings: PG
Genre: drama, adventure

Characters: The 10th Doctor, The Master (Benedict Cumberbatch), Donna Noble

After parting with the 10th Doctor, the recently regenerated Master is hell-bent on taking his revenge on Rassilon. Will the Doctor and Donna be able to prevent the Master from full-filling a deadly prophesy? "Warning":Benedict Cumberbatch Master with some Sherlock mannerism. 

More info after the cut.

Author's Note:

"A Map of the Soul" belongs to a series called: "A Timelord and his madman", from which the first installment was posted in January 2010, directly after the final episode of the 10th Doctor. It is a sort of alternative season 5, in which the 10th Doctor has fortunately survived the events of "The End of time". Wandering alone through space and time in search of the Master (Simm Master), he finally succeeded to save the Master from the Timelock in the first story of the series called "His Silent Mind". Other installments include (In the right order): "Judoon Justice", "A Murderous Feast", "Shattered Worlds", "Before Harry met Lucy", "The Most Happy Bride", and "This Reflection of Me". If you're interested in the rest of the series and don't want to miss out on the Doctor's and the Master's previous adventures, hit the author button on fanfictionnet HERE or visit my website HERE.

Chapter 1 can be found HERE
Chapter 2 can be found HERE Chapter 3 can be found HERE
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