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Evil, thoroughly thought through

Or how to be creative with spam and corned beef

20 January 1978
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So I'm suppose to tell something about myself here. I used to write for other fandoms including Buffy the Vampire slayer, but since the series ended I didn't write anything till recently. (I think I was on hiatus for about four years.) In the meantime, I found my true love, got my PhD and worked my ass off to get promoted to staff. I'm pretty sure that in the next four year I'm going to get a kid, a house, a car and perhaps a dog that chews up my furniture and barfs all over my expensive carpet. Thank God for Dr. Who or I would probably sink into a depression right now.

(Falls on knees and prays with eyes raised up to the heavens) If there is a God, grant me enough time to write something marvelous so I can quite my job and become a writer. Or turn me into a evil but sexy Timelord, which-ever the almighty bearded-one prefers.

I'm currently busy writing my little master/doctor fic called It's didn't work. I started writing on it two months ago and it's still not finished (me bad). And the story is getting longer and longer every time when I ad a chapter (well at least no writers block there). It's not that bad if only I had the idea that people actually like to read my ramblings. The stats says that most of the chapters retrieve an average hit rate of about 200 in a week, which should make me happy really, because that would indicate that at least 150 people (give or take) are following this series. I have no idea though if that number is accurate since the feedback is far less, which is a damn shame really, because the reviews are the greatest rewards in fanfiction writing, without it, it's hard to tell if you're pleasing your audience or not.

I do believe that I whine too much. What I really should be saying is thanks to everyone who has been reading my smut and KUDOS to everyone who has been reviewing.

I also have this crazy idea to write an original screenplay about a doctor with his cat turned human named Pib. I'm actually working on it right now, and will publish the first chapters (episodes) soon on fictionpress.com. The idea came to me when I was watching the old Dr. Who episodes with Ten and the Master. I absolutely love to watch these two on screen, how they interact with eachother, it's just amazing, and it seems such a shame that the BBC didn't put these two together (Simm and Tennant that is) more often. So I decided to put them in a play together myself (imaginary TV, how sweet). The doctor is a beginning cardiologist played by (who-else) Tennant. His name is Allan Pengrain. He is living a rather boring life without many friends or close family contacts. His job is demanding and has taking over his entire life. One day, he gets a phone call from a notary firm, informing him that a relative has died and has left him with an inheritance. When he comes to the office to collect it, it turns out to be a cat (Pib obviously). Simm is going to be the cat, at least in human form that is. And I'm going to throw in some Arthurian mythology into the story as well for good measure. I know it sounds totally bonkers, but I brooded a couple of day on the formula and was getting more and more excited about the project. Hopefully it's going to turn out as good as it is in my head right now.